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      Four thousand years before Christ, man discovered that metal flowed from certain ores when they were exposed to great heat. No longer dependent only on chipped and polished stone, he was at last able to mould and fashion his own tools.

A thousand year later, man invented the wheel, which he fixed to a spindle to create the first potter’s wheel and to an axle to help him move heavy loads. Human and animal power could then be put to work for craftsmen, builders and farmers.

Capturing the wind in the sails of ships, harnessing the flow of rivers by means of water-wheels, man also succeeded in converting natural power into motive power. He was soon to build the first engines. Metal, wheel, engines … these three discoveries were to give birth to countless achievements, simple, brilliant, and sometimes stupendous, which would continually extend the limits of the possible and open up more and more new paths to scientist and research workers. They led ultimately to industrialization, automation, and the whole of modern technology.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, machines were still the products of craftsmen, with embellishments, arabesques and pictorial decorations “naturalizing” them to fit better into the familiar everyday setting. The inevitable coldness of metal was masked by carved or painted wooden panels. The first sewing machines, for example, were decorated with floral motifs and inlaid covers while the early motor car’s body was very similar to the carriage on which it was modelled. Industrialization and mass-production gradually introduced a simplification of forms for the sake of more rational production.

Lagrange's Me'canique Analytique in 1787 introduced new horizons of thoughts in the field of Mechanical Engineering that affected everything that came after it

Department of Mechanical Engineering was setup in 1957.

The Mechanical Engineering Department in K.G. Engineering is fully equipped in terms of human resources Library, Classrooms, Workshops and Laboratories to implement the current curricular activities as devised by the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education.