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    K.G. Engineering Institute, now a Government of West Bengal Polytechnic,                is situated at the heart of Bishnupur, a sub-divisional town in the district of Bankura, West Bengal. The past of this polytechnic is inseparably linked to the past of its place, Bishnupur, which is home to a host of architectural monuments mainly built using laterite stones as raw materials, and decorated with terracotta plaques mainly depicting the images of Lord Krishna and His consort Radha in various poses in Vaishnava style.

             The place served as the capital of ancient Mallabhum for more than a thousand years. Fortunately, the Malla Kings displayed an uncanny interest in promoting art and culture that include practical arts like the making of conch-shells or the weaving of 'Baluchari' saris and aesthetic arts like the songs and music that gradually developed into what is now known as 'Bishnupur Gharana.' It is worthwhile to mention here that one of the music maestros, Jadunath Bhattacharya, belonging to the Bishnupur Gharana, for a while, acted as a music teacher of Rabindranath Tagore whose songs are now immensely popular among the Bengali-speaking people around the whole globe.

            With this splendid background of rich cultural heritage of Bishnupur vis-à-vis the weak socio-economic condition of the local people, an Industrial School named ‘Vishnupur Industrial School’ was established by the then S.D.O of Bishnupur, Late Krishna Gopal Ghosh, a legendary administrator and the prime architect of Technical Education at Bishnupur in the district of Bankura in 1922 with introduction of the crafts like ‘Weaving’, ‘Dyeing’ and ‘Carpentry.’

            The name ‘Vishnupur Industrial School’ was changed subsequently. It started functioning as Technical School from 1929 with four trades that include ‘Welding’, ‘Black Smithy’, ‘Fitter Training’ and ‘Bell Metal Works.’ After Independence in 1947, as the country needed skilled Diploma Engineers to feed the rapidly growing industries, The Technical School was divided into two branches: one was a Government sponsored polytechnic, K.G. Engineering Institute, named after K.G. Ghosh, the founder of Vishnupur Industrial School, which was established with just one trade, Civil Engineering, and the other was the mother Industrial School with two trades, ‘Carpentry’ and ‘Weaving’ in 1949.

            In September 1976, the West Bengal Government took over this Institute. The Institute has consistently striven for excellence and has been adjudged as one of the excellent polytechnics of the state. In order to meet the growing need of technically skilled personnel in the country, the Institute offers now three-year full time Diploma courses in the following five engineering Disciplines:
            1. Civil Engineering
            2. Mechanical Engineering
            3. Electrical Engineering
            4. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
            5. Computer Science & Technology.

            In addition to this, different short-term non-formal courses of MHRD, Government of India have also been conducting in the last 30 years or so under the Community Development through Polytechnic and the Community College schemes to alleviate the lot of the poor, socially and educationally backward classes, neo-literates, minorities and physically handicapped boys, girls and the like. It has always remained an endeavour on the part of the Institute to spread the technical education, expand knowledge and generate entrepreneurial talent to those underprivileged in tune with the policy initiatives taken by the MHRD in the recent years.