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Electronics, in the strictest sense, is the science and technology of the motion of charges in a gas, vacuum, or semiconductor. It may be noted that charge motion confined to a metal is not considered electronics. This was a historical division used early in the twentieth century to separate the already flourishing field of electrical engineering from the new and emerging field of electronic engineering. At that time electrical engineering dealt with devices that depended solely on the motion of electrons in metals, such as motors, generator, light bulbs and wire communication systems (telephone and telegraph).
At the end of the twentieth century, however the historical division between electrical and electronic engineering no longer serves its original function.
The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in K.G. Engineering Institute came into being in 1995

The Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in K.G. Engineering is fully equipped in terms of human resources Library, Classrooms, Workshops and Laboratories to implement the current curricular activities as devised by the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education.