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The origins of electrical engineering are based on the achievements of such scientific giants as Ampere, Coulomb, Faraday, Gauss, Henry, Kirchoff, Maxwell and Ohm.

Today, clean, compact electrical motors hum quietly in machines all over the world. The electricity produced hundreds of miles away from a factory is instantly available for use, merely by pressing a switch.

The human condition today calls for a technology concerned with the quality of life.

The first stage in industrialization, the period of steam engines, involved the need for constant supervision of plants working at full steam, twenty-four hours a day, in order to make full use of its costly fuel.

Electricity did away with a good number of these requirements by supplying power that was instantly on tap.

What will not the motor do? It propels, elevates, lowers, pumps drains, pulls, drives, blast, digs cuts, saws, planes, bores, blows, forges, hammers, files, polishes, rivets, cards, spins, winds, weaves, coins, prints and does more things that we can think of or enumerate.

Clerk Maxwell's Electricity and Magnetism in 1873 introduced new horizons of thoughts that affected everything that came after it.

The Department of Electrical Engineering at K.G. Engineering Institute began its journey in 1957.

The electrical engineering Department in K.G. Engineering is fully equipped in terms of human resources Library, Classrooms, Workshops and Laboratories to implement the current curricular activities as devised by the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education.